Should capital punishment be legalized?

Capital Punishment is the practice of killing people as punishment of killing for serious crimes. I believe that death penalty definitively be abolishes and never be legalised, due to the fact that we have a right to live, wrongful convictions and the chance to live.
Death penalty is a brutal and immoral actions. Someone son not determinate whether another person should live or die. Every person in the world has rights and the life should not be taken away no matter what. Moreover in some cases the executed person is innocent, that was wrongfully convicted for something they did not do. This is the strongest reason against death penalty. 
Anyhow, this happens since judges and witnesses make mistakes and could be on purpose. After a proper legal trial it should not be questionable that someone innocent is going to be executed, even though it happens.
In addition, some people believe that capital punishment eliminates negative elements from society, but this is not totally true. This happens because awful people are still walking in the streets and some people still do not care. Thus, this people in favour of death penalty, assure that by taking someone's life, society will be more human or positive. These thoughts lead to killing people so as to make some people feel more protected, but giving the criminal a life sentence also does that, so killing them would not be necessary. For example, in the movie "Time to kill", a man was going to get death penalty since he took justice in his own hands to some men who raped his ten-year old daughter. All along the movie thousands of people were defending this man, and the ones who were in favour of he going to the gas chamber were the ones that supported the Ku Klux Klan (an organisation that killed and persecutes the black people). 
I totally agree that capital punishment is a complicates issue that goes through a proper and hideous trial. Nevertheless, the life of someone should not be in the hands of another person. I personally hate and despite the people who commit such awful crimes, this people are inhuman and abhorrent.

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