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Thinking Skills

Critical Thinking teaches how to analyse and evaluate the arguments, the reasons which supports a conclusion that are designed to persuade you supported by evidence. Evidence is the information used to support the reasons and conclusion contained in the argument.
However, Credibility, so as to persuade need evidence and making a judgement about the credibility or believability of the evidence. So, the evidence comes from a source, which it is important to asses the credibility of it.
Another factor that is given by Critical Thinking is the Credibility Criteria, the techniques which can be used to judge the credibility provided by the sources and evidence. The sources and evidence are judge because there are different ways of obtaining the source.
Some people obtain a neutral source which is impartial and has no motive to lie, it never takes sides. Others have vested interest, that they have something to gain from promoting and defending a particular side. This could led to lie, avoid …