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Conociendo el tema

La profesora de la materia Salud y Adolescencia nombro la pagina "Donar es Amar". En esta, hay una entrada que me llamo la atención, sobre "Un antes y un después". La alumna que la publico, contaba que hay muchas personas que podrían donar, pero no saben del tema. Yo creo, que ella en serio quería que todos pueden saber que las personas pueden hacer un cambio, hacer un bien pero no lo saben. Al principio los alumnos buscaban un tema del que poder hacer un proyecto, y a todos les gusto el tema de donar. Dos años después pudieron hablar del tema en la feria del libro, tratando de que los conocimientos que adquirieron los pudieran explayar a otras personas. Ella estuvo agradecida de que haya personas que los escucharon y que pueden como ellos mismos donar.

A Frightening Experience

On the Language class we were assigned to write a Narrative with the tittle of a"A Frightening Experience" we also create charts about the topic.

Writing Assignment Charts on Narrative Writing (exam tips from the book) Chart on Vocabulary (Brainstorming) In your own piece of writing, must include and underline the following: Connectors Sequence Markers: First,then, later, etc. Direct Speech Rhetorical Questions Metaphors Tenses Use vocabulary in the chart In a dark fall night, I was walking by the long street without people. My mind went blank when I started hearing whispers and steps behind me, I was terrified and misplaced. I looked around and all went quiet. Suddenly,  I hear lots of noises and people coming approach, and a stocke knock me down and all went blind. Mysteriously, I woke up in a large, aged and grim room. All the walls were white and dusty. White watching all the doctor's equipment around me. All of a sudden, I realised I was tied to a stretcher. First of all


Climate is an average recorded for many years of weather conditions. Along the Equator the Equatorial climates, then in the center of the planet it's located the tropical continental. The other climate is monsoon and finally hot desert and cold climates. 
Equatorial climates, located along the Equator five degrees north and south. The main areas and in Amazon and Gongo rivers and south-east Asia. Throughout the year the temperature is constant, the annual rainfall is 2000mm and it has annual temperature range of 2ºC. This climate has a daily pattern and no seasonal change. This means, that the clays are similar to the other day and it has twelve hours of daylight and the others of darkness. The sun rises, the temperature's average of 25C. In the afternoon, there are rains and lightning. Finally, in the nights, the clouds break and the air is warm.

   Between latitudes five degrees and fifteen degrees north and south form the equator, away from coasts is located the tropical (in…