A Frightening Experience

On the Language class we were assigned to write a Narrative with the tittle of a"A Frightening Experience" we also create charts about the topic.

Writing Assignment
  1. Charts on Narrative Writing (exam tips from the book)
  2. Chart on Vocabulary (Brainstorming)
  3. In your own piece of writing, must include and underline the following:
    1. Connectors
    2. Sequence Markers: First,then, later, etc.
    3. Direct Speech
    4. Rhetorical Questions
    5. Metaphors
    6. Tenses
    7. Use vocabulary in the chart
In a dark fall night, I was walking by the long street without people. My mind went blank when I started hearing whispers and steps behind me, I was terrified and misplaced. I looked around and all went quiet. Suddenly,  I hear lots of noises and people coming approach, and a stocke knock me down and all went blind.
Mysteriously, I woke up in a large, aged and grim room. All the walls were white and dusty. White watching all the doctor's equipment around me. All of a sudden, I realised I was tied to a stretcher. First of all, I started sweating excessively, then I started getting pale and frightened. My limbs fighted aimlessly with the ropes. I was devastated. Furthermore, I saw a pale face come approach with a small sharp element and I couldn’t see anything again.
Nevertheless, the second time I woke up I was in the same position,but on elderly slim man was sit in a chair staring at me. He looked arrogant, manipulative and unexpectedly he was taking time:
-Do you think you can escape?- He said quietly. I looked at him confused and scared.
-Seriously kid, you can not leave this place- He slowly said.-From now on you will be our experiment and you will not say a word or scream because nobody can hear you.-
-What do you want from me? I got nothing.- I shelled
-I already told you, you now on will help us to solve a problem we have- he crack -We are going to extract your kidney-
I was totally shocked, my breath was short and I was sweating excessively again.
-Extract my kidney? That's insane! What are you going to do next? Kill me?- I madly said
-Then you will see- He told coming close, standing next to me and leaving me blind again.
Out of the blue, I woke up again, realising I was in a dusty abandoned creepy hospital. I was alone in the room, I have to think of a solution to escape until the peculiar man came. I got few time to think when the door opened. The moody man was wearing a doctor’s coat, standing in the room with a skinny little guy, he seemed, he seemed to be no more than 25. In that moment I realise that I wasn’t tied up. I tried to escape but my limbs were not moving, I could feel them but not move them. I saw both doctors hands,they were with medical gloves and holding bright sharp knives. I close my eyes trying to hold all my tears. All of a sudden I felt the cold tip of the scalpel dig into my body. I started shouting while crying, that knife was as fire, watch my life passing in front of my eyes.
-Men don’t cry- the major doctor shout.
And the same piece of metal was stabbed on my leg. My tummy was bleeding over much. The other doctor was watching with eyes open as an owl. He tried to say something but he threw up.
Shouting angrily the boss said
-I have worked with freshman too many times, never in my entirely life I thought this would happened to me, never again will hire them-
while insulting to the air, he took the doctor away and leave me alone. It was my last chance. As I couldn’t move my entire body except my last chance. As I couldn't move my entire body except my head, neck and my stabbed leg. I started shaking them sharply.
I fell down from the stretcher and with all the strength I had left while feeling that my organs were going to go out of me, I got up and started lingering out of this hideous hospital.


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