Letter of request

To who it may concern,
                                     I have offered a position of assistant system engineer. It is with my great regret that I must start later than expected.
My dilemma is that I must return to my native country. This inconvenience is due to an unfortunate incident my mother has had recently. Even though she believes I should further my career abroad, I cannot be totally absent at such a difficult time. I am very concern  she gets better, but to do  so, I must return home.
I am totally aware that you requested me to commence work on March 1st. I can assure you that the lack of punctuality would not happen again. Moreover, I am really keen to make role as assistant systems analyst into career with your company.
Whatever you decide I would accept. Anyhow, I have some proposal so as for you to be more comfortable for me to be working there. For instance, I would be delighted to offer to work unpaid hours with present engineer before I leave. In addition, I could start the employment from my home, so as I get familiar with the system.
I sincerely hope you understand my predicament and will accept my diverse suggested solutions. From now, I am totally grateful for the opportunity. I look forward to hearing from you.

 Yours faithfully,                      
Sol Scarpa                      


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