The role of the education is to prepare children for the modern world. Schools should cut art and music out of the curriculum so that children can focus on useful subjects such as technology. To what extent do you agree?

Nowadays, few schools have subjects such as music and art, paying attention to the artistic forms of expression. Nonetheless, there are others that not only do not involve these subjects, but they put all their effort on affairs they believe as more useful, functioning as, technology.

To start with, our social system, mainly the educational area, occasionally drive individuals into an existential void which takes over their personality and portrays frustrations and emotional lockdown.This happens, when children do not feel comfortable studying tedious information, when in reality they want to focus on ways of expressions, like dance or arts. Numerous people believe that having art, music, dance is as equally as important as having literature or history. People have different strengths and it should be fair for everyone to know which are and being able to express it.

Nevertheless, having useful tools, such as handling the technology and knowing how to get the best of it is an important aspect. Everybody knows that technology is evolving and is essential that people know how to handle it, since it appears in people`s daily life. Thus, if schools teach children this topic, it will indefinitely reach their knowledge in an early age. Although technology is not the most important subject, knowing it, will open several door for plenty students. Furthermore, if youngs develop the skills to handle it, they have advantages, such as, contacting worldwide people or getting to know thought-provoking ideas.

To conclude, i personally believe that music and art should definitively take part in education. By all means, technology must take place also, even though, the alternative and more artistic ways have to be in the school`s study plan.

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For example, the declining of art and music is portrayed in the chart. It it clear, that these subjects were replased by something schools consider as more important, such as teaching technology.
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