The writer effectively used words and sentences to create power on Elsie CLinch’s personality and the landscape. As regards this woman’s attitude, it is portrayed that she likes to be center of attention and to make other people look at her. An example is “sturdy leather boots”, which only a woman with strong personality would like to wear. In addition, “sweeping imperiously” shows the obstinate and powerful attitude she has. Elsie does not like to be defeated and dissimulates when this happens. Even though, she dislikes the annoying driver and try to make him seem as an awful person. “In a volley of words pronounced them fit only for the beach”, shows how these two people attack by words to each other.
Moreover, another important fact of the text was the rocky landscape. Elsie was disappointed by the dull scenery offered by the tour guide. As the “snaked skywards” shown the way of the road. This surface was in zig-zag which made the trip uncomfortable for the travelers. In addition, the plants make the road even harder, explained in the phrase “surface deteriorated”. This passage, had strong words, such as “protruding” and “decayed”, illustrating how difficult and naughty the road has been.


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