A diamond miracle

This myth I did with some friends. Then see all the parts of the myth!

Part 1:

Part 3
   Christine was jelous of Destiny and James, because Christine was in love with James since she was eight years old!
   Hours later, Destiny was in her palace, and she was happy, dancing and singing. Her father saw her so happy that he asked her why she was so happy. She told him all her story about James. The king prohibited her to see him again, because he didn´t want her to suffer the same, that happened to Hope: to have a daughter and to live her.
   Destiny was so angry with her father that she went away and met James. They went for a picnic, and he gave her a beautiful necklace with pearls, diamonds and a red heart.
   Christine saw what happened between James and Destiny, and the following day, she told everything to the king. William immediately punished her daughter. He would never let see James again. 

Explaation: When Destiny thows the Diamonds to the sea, they elevate to the sky and form the "Bermuda Triangle" and everything or anyone that steps there disappears like James in Destiny´s life. 


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