Cowybell the star!

In the school we had to made a fable with some friends, each one made a part of  this fable. I made the part number 3, I hope you lie it..
Part 2: 
Part 4:  

Part 3: 

But finally she could get an audition in an enormous place called Starship, that they wanted a female animal that could sing, dance and act. AL last Cowybell entered the auditions. There were plenty of animals that wanted to get the main character. Before her turn there was a tiger called Lesli. When it was her turn she did it wonderful. Then it was Cowybell´s turn, what she did was perfect! and she got the main character. Lesli was very angry and jealous of her.
   When she went out she had a call of her friends of the zoo. She answered and told the news, the friends were very happy, but she didn´t matter about them.


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